The Best Home Care for Seniors in Northbrook, IL

They cared for you when you were young and vulnerable. Now it’s time to do the same for them. Whether it’s a parent, a grandparent, or another senior family member, you want to make sure that they can get around, stay active, and enjoy life, even when you’re not there.

For home care services in Northbrook, IL, turn to Crystal Home Care. We want to help by offering your loved ones the attention and assistance they need while giving you the flexibility you deserve. Call today to find out how our care team can help your family.

Home Care Services Northbrook

On top of our companionship, housekeeping, respite, and hospice care, we offer many services to suit your loved one’s needs, including:

  • Live-In Care. We’re here if you need 24/7 care from registered nurses and others in our professional team to provide companionship and house and health care for adults with disabilities or seniors.
  • Meal Planning. From the trip to the grocery store to the dinner table, a caregiver will assist with the planning and preparation of each meal. They’ll also monitor diets, allergies, and calorie intake.
  • Personal Care. Whether your loved one needs someone helping them in and out of the tub or someone to simply watch over them as they go about their activities, customize a care plan to suit your senior.
  • Post-Hospitalization. After a severe fall or illness, the last thing they need is rehospitalization. Our caregivers will monitor their transition period and take care of their daily needs to prevent further injury upon their homecoming.

Hospice Care Northbrook

Cancer, heart disease, dementia, and respiratory illnesses are the leading factors in hospice care. Because many of these illnesses are incurable, the best thing to do is make your loved one feel as comfortable as possible in their final days if they don’t respond to treatment.

During these times, we’ll help your loved one with daily routines, from bathing, feeding, toileting, and dressing for their day to making sure they’re eating right and taking the correct medication. Although we believe these final days should be filled with family time and sharing old memories, we also want you, the primary caregiver, to have some downtime through our respite care. From a few hours to as long as a month, your loved one can lean on us the way they lean on you.

Senior Home Care Northbrook

Senior home care doesn’t mean fulfilling a day-by-day checklist. Our caregivers become part of the family when they become your loved one’s companion. They take the time to get to know their favorite games, their go-to spots for a stroll or relaxation, and the people around them who they love.

No matter what services you choose from, you’ll get the quality care that’ll allow you and your loved one to thrive.

Home Care Agency Northbrook

At Crystal Home Care, the Chicago area’s most trusted home care assistance agency, we provide home care services in Northbrook and  throughout the North Shore to reach as many in need as possible. If you’re looking for some assistance, please contact (708) 535-4300 for a free consultation today!

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