Rest and recovery at home with Homecare

Recovering from surgery is a challenging task. But it need not be anymore. With a little caution and a plan in place, post-operative recovery could be a quick and simple process, amidst all the comforts of your own home.

Availing a post-operative homecare service can ensure that the transition from hospital to home is as effortless it can be for your loved one. The first few days after coming home are critical; it can be a challenging task for all. Having the right caretaker provides, both the cared individual and family members, with the peace of mind that help is always in the house and eases their anxiety in treading into new waters. Most importantly, homecare is highly personalized to fit your needs and hence tailored to specific postsurgical routines. It allows for both patient and family participation which enables shared decision-making and affords high flexibility. Caretakers are trained to attend to postoperative process, communicate with discharge planners and follow physician’s instructions, all at the same time being prescient of the patient’s personal preferences and comfort. They are invested in enhancing your cared person’s well-being and ensuring quick recovery by assuring them rest and comfort.

Caretakers could be hired at home to provide a variety of services to the person in recovery depending upon the individual’s health and complexity of the surgery. Your loved one is most vulnerable of risking a fall or mismanaging medications during the first few phases of recovery. Most people might still be in pain, weak and suffering from the discomfort of the operation and medications. Hence, it is pertinent to pay around-the-clock attention to medication management, dietary and nutrition needs, and to the emotional well-being of the individual at this stage to prevent infections and/or rehospitalization. A common cause of rehospitalization during the post-surgical period arises from the occurrence of pneumonia.

Anesthetics provided during most surgeries severely increases the risks of developing pneumonia during the recovery phase; hence it is important to watch out for symptoms and spot them early on. It is a common mistake to dismiss the cough, cold and shivering as symptom of general sickness until the infection has flared up. Caretakers are specially trained to observe and report on any updates on the cared-one’s health, provide them with a nutritionally balanced diet, and maintain a highly hygienic environment. This allows the individual to rest and recuperate minimizing the risk of postoperative pneumonia and infections.

Additionally, the incision site might need to regularly monitored, and fluids drained, and it is clearly an uncomfortable endeavor for the unfamiliar. By opting for post-surgical homecare service, caretakers will be available at all times to pick-up and remind about medications, help with mobility and monitor post-operative progress, endowing the family with recommended respite and rest. Further, different surgical procedures warrant different regimens to recovery. For instance, recovering from an orthopedic surgery is a longer process than recovering from a laser eye surgery, and individual’s demand different modes of help and expertise in care. In the case of a knee or hip replacement surgery, hence, you might need to avail the homecare service for a longer period and hire a caretaker who can provide walking assistance. Heart, brain and other major surgeries require closer care and attention.

Today, outpatient surgeries have become routine and it is not uncommon for people to find themselves back home the very same day of the surgery; but feeling weak, exhausted and unprepared to manage themselves. Even simple procedures such as cosmetic surgeries can take up to three days for any person to recuperate, and in the meantime, your loved one might be in need of some help and rest. Most surgeries can keep the individual immobile and in need of assistance in performing day-to-day tasks of living. This includes walking, bathing, dressing, meal preparation, housekeeping and shopping to providing companionship and transportation. By opting for post-operative homecare service, you are choosing to provide both nursing and personal care to your loved in recovery, right at home.

We believe that care, caution and compassion is the way to speedy recovery. Rest easier and recover fast after surgery with Crystal Homecare. Contact us by phone (708) 535-4300 or request a free in-home consultation today to learn more about our services.