What is Homecare and what are the benefits of Homecare?

It is often that families with elderly relatives find themselves asking, “How can I provide the best care to my loved ones?”

Here is the right answer- Homecare. Because you want your loved ones to live their most independent life RIGHT AT HOME.

Homecare is a compelling package of services ranging from personal care, meal preparation, housekeeping, transportation, assistance with daily living activities and companionship. These services are coordinated by a homecare agency and are carried out by trained professionals also known as private duty caregivers. Typical services can range from hourly care to 24 hour live in care allowing one to age in place.

Here’s why your loved ones deserve the best of care right at home:

–  Keeping the Comforts of Home

What’s best about home care is “being at home” – sitting on the chair you love, surrounded by familiar memories, friends, and family.

It’s all about the comfort and familiarity.
Being at home allows them to remain active in their community and thrive in their social relationships in a familiar environment.

–  Personalized Care

Home care services are personalized and highly tailored to individual needs.
Services are provided on a strictly one-to-one basis, and there are no compromises with the quality of care. Most private duty home caregivers have years of experience and training to respond with around-the-clock care and attention to their clients needs.

Further, they can help adapt the home to better suit the client’s changing needs. They can promptly assess safety risks at home, increase accessibility and improve safety by making simple corrections and recommendations for healthier living.

–   Medication Management

Managing multiples prescriptions is a complex task in itself. When you have “meals of pills”, it is important to take them on time but also to observe and report any harmful drug interactions and/or side effects over time. Medications not taken in a timely manner can lead to a decline in function and in some instances can result in hospitalizations.

–  Support with Diet and Nutrition

Bed rest, illness, and aging can lead to lean body mass loss and affect posture and motor functions. Homecare providers are trained to provide diet and nutritional services; They monitor proportionate nutritional intake and help support the elderly to commit to prescribed dietary regiments following a surgery and/or hospitalization.

Yes, homecare providers can double in both as a cook and a dietician to keep watch over your loved one’s palette!

– Transportation Assistance

Moving to matters outside the house, doctor appointments can be diligently delegated to homecare providers.

This means no more rescheduling work and hustling but hire a homecare giver to transport your loved ones wherever they wish to go! Be it be events, gatherings, shopping or a movie, homecare givers transport the elderly and ensure their safety, comfort and participation.

–  Caring Companionship

Homecare is about companionship. With the one-on-one focus and interactive interaction, home caregivers often form deep and rewarding bonds with their clients. Over the course of time, they can become trusted friends and enjoy walks, reading, cards, games, movies, meals, and partake in social activities together. Such social interactions have been reported to contribute to the elderly’s larger well-being and overall happiness.

Skilled care and companionship are the bulwarks against depression in the elderly.

–  Peace of Mind for all

Managing busy lives while caring for a loved one can be overwhelming. The demands of providing round the clock care can result in physical, emotional, and mental exhaustion for the family caregiver.

Caregiver burn-outs can be crippling.
Hence, there is no price to tag for the peace of mind in knowing your loved ones are in loving hands. With the safety and oversight provided by the caregiver, the family may remain at ease.

There is no need for hourly check-ins, reminder calls or drive-homes. Hence, Homecare services provide the best efficiency of time and effort for the whole family.

With such a wide array of benefits, home care is an affordable alternative to assisted living facilities or hospital care. Hiring a homecare giver can change yours and loved one’s life today.

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