How to Choose Between In-Home Care and Assisted Living

Understanding the differences between in-home senior care and assisted living will help you determine which option is more suitable for your aging loved one. However, there are other considerations, so it can be challenging for families to decide on the correct type of care for senior relatives.

Consider these tips to make the decision-making process more straightforward.

1. Determine How Much Care Your Loved One Needs

The first step of determining whether in-home care or assisted living is suitable for seniors is to evaluate their needs and compare them to readily available assistance. You can break down the person’s level of need by documenting everything they need help with each day, week, and month. Then, consider how much support they currently receive from friends and family.

By evaluating the senior’s current level of care, you can see areas in their lives where additional help is necessary.

2. Consider the Pros and Cons of Both Care Options

You should consider the disadvantages of in-home care and assisted living as well as their benefits. For instance, assisted living will not provide as much one-on-one care as in-home care, but costs for senior home care can be high if the client needs 24/7 supervision. Look at all pros and cons objectively.

3. Evaluate the Financial Situation

Finances will play a major role in the decision-making process. Choosing in-home care may be more affordable than assisted living depending on a person’s location, necessary care, and available help. It is best to consult with various facilities and agencies in your loved one’s area to determine how much their required level of care could cost.

Crystal Home Care

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