Top 9 Questions to Help You Find the Best Home Care Agency

Have your parents needed your help around their house more frequently lately? Do you worry about your parents’ wellbeing when you’re away? Are you afraid to consider nursing homes because their aides may neglect your elderly loved ones?

These are questions you ask yourself before deciding that your loved ones require in-home care. In order to take the next step in the hiring process, make sure to ask your home care agency and aide the following nine questions to find the best service for you and your loved ones.

Understand the Agency’s Qualifications

When choosing in-home care, research each agency’s qualifications and licenses. Agencies should clearly state these on their website. Here are three specific questions to ask to determine the agency’s qualifications and process for hiring and training carers.

1. Is the home care agency licensed?

While not all states require an agency to be licensed, it’s best to hire a licensed agency. Many unlicensed companies conduct fraudulent activity and produce unskilled nurses for your needs. By checking with the health department in your given state, you’ll discover if your potential agency is licensed and ready to offer quality care.

2. What kind of background check does the agency conduct for potential employees?

By checking employees’ work history, documentation, certifications, and references, an agency can tell if they will be honest, trustworthy, and responsible before hiring them. It will also help you feel safe with your choice of who you decide to bring into your home.

3. Does the agency provide training for new employees?

The answer to this should be yes. The company needs to train the caregivers to supply the right emotional, mental, and physical efforts to place the right caregivers who will provide proper assistance for your senior loved ones. These efforts include:

● Helping your loved ones to socialize if they have begun to isolate themselves
● Knowing how to assist your loved ones with daily hygienic routines like bathing, getting dressed, and going to the bathroom
● Catering to seniors who have specific needs

Determine the Aide’s Care and Compatibility

When you talk with a specific caregiver from an agency, ask these questions before hiring them to ensure they will fit your loved one’s routine and temperament.

4. What specific services does the caregiver provide?

Before your aide becomes your parents’ new confidant, you should make sure they provide the right services for your elderly parents.

The agency should write out a care plan so you’ll have an understanding of what care needs and medical equipment the caregiver will implement in their services. You should also ask them what they do in emergencies and how they plan to address concerns with your loved ones.

5. Are they talkative or the silent type?

This may seem like an easy question since you want your caregiver to be open and friendly with your senior loved ones. However, being talkative is only beneficial to elders who are extroverts who care for closeness.

Other times, your elderly loved ones may want to keep to themselves. Try to choose a caregiver who will fit your parent’s personality. You can also schedule a time for the caregiver to come by the house to meet your loved one to ensure a good fit.

6. What are their hobbies?

Having hobbies in common will help your loved one feel comfortable and connected to their aide. For instance, if your parents love board games, crossword puzzles, and reading, the aide can spend downtime putting together activities like this.

If your parents like going for walks and visiting their friends or family members, having an aide that can take them to where they want to be is vital.

Once you’ve decided on the right caregiver, some questions you may want to ask to get started with their services include:

● Can I meet with the caregiver in person before they begin supplying care at home for my loved ones?
● When can my caregiver start?
● Will health insurance cover the fees of this home care agency?

Consider Things that Can Go Wrong

7. What will happen if my assigned caregiver is late or not a good fit?

Caregivers for any given company will usually clock in and out of their shifts, notifying the agency of their whereabouts. If a caregiver does not clock in, the agency is alerted and contacts them immediately. If this issue persists, the agency will replace the caregiver.

Similarly, a company will try its best to match a caregiver to the right family. However, if things don’t work out or your loved one is complaining about their caregiver, your senior will be assigned a different caregiver.

8. Are caregivers insured if something goes wrong?

Being a caregiver isn’t easy, and in some cases, a caregiver can get hurt in your home. The last thing you need is someone suing you while protecting your family member. Hence, you should make certain the caregiver’s providers equip their workers with insurance.

9. Under what circumstances is a caregiver fired? Is that frequent with your company?

A company can fire a caregiver for several reasons. For one thing, if a caregiver is found neglectful or abusive, a company will not want to keep them. Also, a home care agency will want an aide that is responsible and dependable. If they are consistently late or absent during shifts, this can be an issue as well.

If a company fires its caregivers regularly, you should consider this a red flag. It could mean that the agency skips the background checks, hiring people at random. A constant output of bad workers can also mean the agency does not check up on their workers enough.

Get the Help You Need to Care for Your Loved One

These specific questions protect the wellbeing of your loved ones. However, feel free to ask your potential home care agency anything that you feel is necessary. The more questions you ask, the better the fit for your loved ones.

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